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When you hear NOVA PHARMA, you should think quality, trust, purity and commitment. These are the main values leading our production. All of the actors involved in the supplying chain have those values in mind when they are working on your interest, in order to get you the product that will overcome your needs and expectations. 

Over these moral values, we’re adding to our guarantee of excellence a team of experts relying on equipment at the cutting edge of technology, ensuring that you can be sure to receive a product that has been subjected tothe most rigorous standards of the industry.

  • Thrusworthy Products
  • Quality Control
  • GMP Certification's standards

Pushing things even further, our production line is also subject to constant and meticulous quality control inspections at all stages of the production process. These inspections are made by specialists, with extensive backgrounds in their respective fields, who have been trained to uphold our unparalleled promise of quality relied on by NOVA PHARMA.

It is this promise that has led NOVA PHARMA to put in place multiple processes in order to meet all the latest GMP certification’s standards. These standards ensure all products are produced in accordance with the good manufacturing practices, in terms of site, equipment, processes, controls, etc. These manufacturing practices also extends to packaging, testing, distribution and warehousing.

To add to this already extensive quality control, we also work in conjunction with Health Canada's expert consultants, in order to deliver a product that is to your satisfaction.

Excellence is important to you and it is paramount to us! You know what you want and we know how to make it for you!

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